happy bmo push day!

30th Aug 2012

the following changes have been pushed to bugzilla.mozilla.org:

  • [785219] Secure bugmail no longer includes subject of bug
  • [785800] release tracking flag refresh (18)
  • [786167] various “Use of uninitialized value” warnings
  • [785308] diagnostic logging for HTML emails sometimes giving empty emails
  • [785309] Profanivore is throwing “ascii “\xB4” does not map to Unicode” errors
  • [726353] Add a default requestee to flags (schema changes only, implementation code to land soon)
  • [785917] Custom field descriptions are not properly escaped when displayed as bug list column headers
please note due to bug 785308 html bugmail is currently disabled. this push includes additional logging to help us track why it’s failing.

edit: html bugmail has been re-enabled.