html bugmail comes to

23rd Aug 2012

due to unforeseen delays in upgrading bmo to bugzilla version 4.2, we’ve back-ported and deployed html bugmail!

during our evaluation of bugzilla 4.2 it became clear that a feature of searching in 4.0 was not implemented when the searching backend was rewritten for 4.2. (bug 677757)

bmo isn’t running a standard version of bugzilla 4.0 – we have a large number of bugzilla extensions installed to provide a host of extended functionality, and we’ve also backported a lot of features and fixes from 4.2 and 4.4. when it became clear the issue with searching would delay the upgrade, we discussed at length which features in 4.2 we’re missing and the viability of backporting the features to 4.0. by and far the feature which garnered the most positive comments and feedback was html bugmail, and the decision was made to backport.

while i’ve been working on search, dkl took on the task of the backport (bug 775275), and we’ll be making those changes live today.

the initial default format for bugmail will continue to be text-only, use preferences to change to your preferred email format to html for a sneak peek.

we will change the default format for all users from text to html in approx 3 weeks.

if you run a system which parses bmo’s bugmail you may see minor differences in the text mail. if your system doesn’t support multi-part or html content you should login to bmo and change your account’s preference from ‘site default’ to ‘text only’.

edit: we’ve temporarily disabled html email while we investigate an intermittent problem with blank bugmail (bug 785308)