[a-team] conversations with face

23rd Jul 2012

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

19:07 <mdas> this worked previously
19:08 <mdas> loading chrome:// urls are fine
19:09 * face writes a todo for the week
19:10 <jmaher> mdas: I don’t have any magic answers :(
19:10 <mdas> jmaher: heh, no worries
19:10 <mdas> face is working on the problem. Right face?
19:10 * face looks
19:10 <jmaher> lol
19:10 <mdas> see!
19:10 <jmaher> face: you rawk
19:10 * face not so sure
19:10 <mdas> HA
19:11 <mdas> eerie