[a-team] conversations with face

16th Jul 2012

face is an irc bot i run on the #ateam channel.
its responses are purely random, drawing from past conversations on channel.

00:01 * face wanders off in search of reliable internet
00:01 <AutomatedTester> face: good luck
00:01 * face hexes jhammel
00:01 <jgriffin> lol, face is so grouchy
00:02 <jgriffin> bad face!
00:02 <AutomatedTester> face: naughty!
00:02 * face didn’t do anything :)
00:02 <AutomatedTester> LOL
00:03 <jgriffin> ha!
00:03 <AutomatedTester> face: you are like my <2 year old
00:03 * face taunts AutomatedTester with http://sweets.seriouseats.com/2011…san-francisco-california-ca.html
00:03 <jgriffin> double LOL
00:03 * AutomatedTester runs of crying!
00:03 <jgriffin> face, someone is going to complain to HR
00:03 * face sighs
00:06 <jgriffin> face, it’s like you’re sitting here in the room with me sometimes
00:06 * face will brb