qa contact - changes

9th Jul 2012

there have been a few questions regarding the changes to the qa-contact field…

“i’ve stopped receiving bugmail; where can i go to fix that?”

best effort was made to ensure you continue to receive the same notifications, however you may have to change some of your email preferences due to the change in the trigger for bugmail.

ensure the “component” column and the “product or component changes” row in your email preferences configuration matches your expectations.

“why does bugzilla tell me that i’m not watching any components (yet i’m still receiving bugmail)?”

the decision was made to minimise changes to the system and to not migrate preferences from watching users to watching components directly.

behind the scenes, the component-watching extension adds the watch-user as a property of components, and performs the stitching required to ensure notifications are sent. you can see the watch-user on the component watching preferences tab:

“do i need to change my settings from watching users to watching components?”

no. watching a component’s watch-user and watching a component results in the same notifications being sent. the UI for component watching is much nicer than user watching, so you may want to migrate for that reason.