disabling vote-to-confirm on bugzilla.mozilla.org

22nd Nov 2011

i have posted the following to the dev.planning group:

a feature of the voting system within bugzilla is the ability to automatically bump a bug from UNCONFIRMED to NEW based on the number of votes for the bug. This feature is enabled on bugzilla.mozilla.org, with the per-product setting ranging between 1 and 10,000 votes.

chris lawson recently pointed out that voting should not be linked with triage. i think he’s right.

echoing chris’s comment on bug 702704 i think disabling vote-to-confirm across all products on bugzilla.mozilla.org will clarify the triage process. owners of products who want to continue to use this feature will be required to ask to be excluded from this mass change, or request the feature be re-enabled.

any objections/thoughts?

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